My * very * first genuine review on mCaffeine Scalp Scrub

mCaffeine Coffee Scalp Scrub
How to use mCaffeine scalp scrub

Very easy to apply and spreads smoothly!

The product is a kind of flow-y liquid or gel with coffee granules or beads. When I started applying it, I was amazed with how easily it spreads all over the scalp and hair. All one needs to do is gently massage your scalp with finger tips. So, points for easy application.

Be careful not to rub it vigorously, can cause breakage

If you are using it for the first time then make sure

  2. DON’T RUB!!!

Coffee granules all over the floor but very easy to clean

yeaaah after I was done covering my scalp with the product, I looked down and was horrified to see my bathroom floor decorated with coffee granules that had somehow managed to fall while application.

Loads of water required

It was really upsetting to realize how much water I needed to rinse off the granules but I think that’s the case with every body or scalp scrub.

Does what it promises

The mCaffeine Coffee Scalp Scrub claims to remove over 99% of dandruff in just a single wash, and for someone who runs store to store and website to website in search of miraculous treatments for dandruff, this DEFINITELY WORKS!

Might require b*ttloads of shampoo

I had to use 3–4 pumps of my medicated shampoo which, not to mention, is kind of expensive and comes in a palm sized bottle. I always have to make sure I use it judiciously.


  1. Smooth application, no fuss
  2. Actually controls dandruff
  3. Easy to wash and to clean thereafter


1.B*ttload of shampoo needed



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